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Navy vet, group, take down "unruly" passenger on Las Vegas-bound Southwest flight

LAS VEGAS NV Dec 7 2016 A group of people on a Las Vegas-bound Southwest flight took down a passenger after he allegedly tried to open the main cabin door during the flight.
On Saturday night, Southwest flight #4494 from Chicago was diverted to Denver due to a potential security threat on board. Navy Veteran David Ward was among the 170 people on the flight and said he noticed something strange about the man sitting across the aisle from him.
"About 45 minutes into the flight at cruising altitude, I noticed this gentleman sitting across from me that had a cocktail and he was getting kind of fidgety," said Ward.
Ward says he saw the 57-year-old passenger take what looked like prescription medication. The man dumped the contents into his mouth and chased it down with alcohol. Ward says the man then got up and walked toward the passenger entrance of the plane and tried to open it but was frustrated when it didn't open.
"That upset him and set him off into a psychotic episode, he then took the drink cart from the flight attendant pulled it to the ground...went smashing all of the aircraft," said Ward.
At this point, the Navy veteran, already on high alert, was ready to take action.
"He started walking down screaming at the top of his lungs, calling all the passengers filthy names and that we were all being kidnapped and didn't know it," said Ward.
That's when Ward and three other men decided to make their move.
"The flight attendant came immediately up to the front of the aircraft and asked us put him to the floor and it took four of us to get him down to the floor," said Ward.
Southwest Airlines says the pilot of the 737 notified authorities of "a potential security threat onboard" and then diverted the plane to Denver where it was "met by law enforcement."
The FBI describes the man as allegedly drunk, unruly and disobedient. He fought with the flight crew, and other passengers and had to be restrained on the Southwest flight.

The case is now with the US Attorney’s Office and they will decide if charges are to be filed against him. As for David Ward, Southwest gave him a travel voucher and 40,000 free points for future travel.

Garden City police accuse four of stealing grocery food to sell in stores

GARDEN CITY, Kan. Dec 7 2016
Garden City police believe four people stole food and alcohol from supermarkets, then sold them at their own businesses.
Police announced Tuesday the arrests of Moises Garcia, Juan Antonio Montelongo, Maria Serrano and Ramiro Serrano for felony theft. A police statement said they stole at least $3,262 of groceries from Dillons stores. Dillons has two supermarkets in Garden City.
Police said Garcia sold stolen items at Garcia Carniceria Y Restaurant, 622 North Eighth. Montelongo is accused of selling groceries at La Playa Dorada restaurant, 212 West Fulton, while the Serranos are suspected of doing the same at Panderia y Tortilleria Real, 107 North Jennie Barker Road.

The Kansas Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control assisted undercover police in the investigation. It is not clear how long the operation lasted.

Four Belleville police officers arrested in bar fight

North Arlington NJ Dec 7 2016 Four off-duty Belleville police officers were arrested Monday in connection with an alleged fight in October at a bar in North Arlington, authorities said.
Police Officers John Clarizio, 32, Marco Zarfino, 24, Jesse McKeough, 28, and Giovanni Casillo, 39, were arrested after the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office confirmed that the officers were part of a brawl with patrons in October, officials said. Vasilos Theofanidis, 39, was the lone civilian arrested in the scuffle.
On Oct. 31, at about 1 a.m., police from Lyndhurst and North Arlington arrived at the bar after a physical altercation occurred inside involving the officers, officials said. Security was able to escort the civilians and the off-duty officers outside, but the fight continued. Belleville police say Pourhouse 17 is where the incident took place.
One victim, a civilian, was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center with minor injuries as a result of the fight, authorities said. The person was later released.
At the time of the fight, no one was charged, authorities said. But the investigation revealed that Clarizio lied to a Lyndhurst police officer who was at the scene.
Clarizio was charged with one count of hindering apprehension and one count of simple assault, authorities said. Zarfino was charged with two counts of simple assault. McKeough and Casillo were charged with one count of simple assault.
Theofanidis, who works as a pool technician, was charged with one count of simple assault, authorities said.
All four police officers were suspended without pay, said Belleville Police Chief Mark Minichini.
"They'll have their day in court, and then we'll deal with the administrative charges after that," Minichini said.

All five were released and their next court date is Dec. 14, authorities said.

Shoplifter arrested after scuffle with Lord & Taylor security

Lord & Taylor in Stamford, Conn., Dec. 1, 2016. Photo: Keelin Daly / For Hearst Connecticut Media / Greenwich Time Freelance
STAMFORD CT Dec 7 2016  — An out-of-state woman was arrested Monday after she was caught on camera shoplifting from Lord & Taylor, police said.
A security manager at the High Ridge Road department store was monitoring her cameras about 5 p.m. when she saw a woman put a necklace and a pair of gloves into her handbag, according to the report.
Police Sgt. Simon Blanc said the woman, who was accompanied by a man, went on to buy other items and pay for them with fraudulent credit cards.
As she was leaving the store, the security manager questioned her about the $196 necklace and $75 pair of gloves, police said. The suspect — identified as Aubriana Adams-Coggins, 22, of Far Rockaway, N.Y. — was escorted back into the store while her companion ran away, according to the report.
Inside Lord & Taylor, police said, the woman became aggressive and kicked several employees. Blanc said she claimed she “accidentally” forgot to pay for those two items.
When police arrived, Adams-Coggins was not aggressive and repeatedly denied stealing anything.
Blanc said she was taken to the police department, where officers learned she had four fraudulent credit cards and a fake Illinois driver’s license.
Adams-Coggins, who had also given a false name, was charged with third-degree robbery, second-degree forgery, second-degree breach of peace and interfering with an officer.

She spent the night at police headquarters and was taken to court Tuesday morning.
Stamford Advocate 

Naperville police charge women who maced Dick's Sporting Good employees during theft

Thieves Mace Naperville Dick's Employees to Steal Clothes: Police
NAPERVILLE, IL Dec 7 2016— A woman and girl were arrested after they allegedly tried to take clothes from the Dick’s Sporting Goods in Naperville and maced employees to get away.
At around 1 p.m. Dec. 2, police were called to the business at 2763 W. 75th Street where they learned Destiny U. Glascow, 18, of the 100 block of Birch Street in Carpentersville, and a 16-year-old female had fled the area after taking clothing items without paying for them and using mace against store personnel who attempted to stop them, according to the Naperville Police Department.
Glascow and the girl then fled in a gold-colored Chevrolet and were last east on 75th Street, police said. Officers looking for them conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of Ogden Ave. and Rickert Road and arrested the offenders.
During the course of the investigation, it was learned the same two females were responsible for a similar incident earlier in the day at another Dick’s Sporting Goods in Bloomingdale, police said. Bloomingdale Police assisted the Naperville Police Department in this investigation.
Glascow has been charged with two counts of aggravated battery, one felony count of retail theft and one misdemeanor count of retail theft.

The teen has been charged with three counts of aggravated battery, one felony count of retail theft and one misdemeanor count of retail theft.

Police dash-cam videos are public records, court rules

Columbus OH Dec 7 2016
Dash-cam videos from police cruisers are public records subject to Ohio’s open records law, the Ohio Supreme Court said in an unanimous ruling Tuesday.
Portions of the videos can be considered “investigatory work product” and can be withheld from disclosure.
The ruling comes from a case involving the Cincinnati Enquirer’s request for three dash-cam videos from the Ohio State Highway Patrol of a January 2015 police chase and crash. The high-speed chase started in Warren County. The court decided that patrol should have promptly released the video. Instead, the patrol withheld the record until May, two months after the case was prosecuted.
The court declined to adopt a rule that all dash-cam video can be withheld until cases are prosecuted. The Open Records law includes an exemption for “confidential law enforcement investigatory records.”
“In the end, we hold that decisions about whether an exception to public-records disclosure applies to dash-cam recordings require a case-by-case review to determine whether the requested recordings contain investigative work product,” wrote Justice Judith French in the opinion.
The Enquirer was not awarded attorney fees, damages or court costs in the case. Justice William O’Neill issued a partial-dissent in the case, saying he would have awarded the Enquirer attorney fees.

“It is wrong for this court to recognize the clear public interest in police dash-cam recordings and then deny the Enquirer reasonable attorney fees after it shed light on this on going dispute between the state’s need for privacy and the public’s right to know what is going on,” O’Neill wrote.

Victorville security officer wrestles attacker to the ground

Victorville CA Dec 7 2016 A Victorville man was behind bars on suspicion of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm or by means of force likely to cause great bodily harm and vandalism resulting in property damage of $400 or more, authorities said.
John Maton Ferguson, 43, is expected to be arraigned in a Victorville courtroom Tuesday afternoon if criminally charged by prosecutors, booking records show.
San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrested Ferguson after responding to a disturbance at a motel, located in the 14100 block of Green Tree Boulevard early Sunday morning.
Victorville Sheriff’s Station spokeswoman Mara Rodriguez said deputies learned that Ferguson was dropped off at the motel at approximately 1:45 a.m. after leaving a party.
“He went to the motel room in which his girlfriend was staying, wanting the keys to his vehicle,” Rodriguez said. “The girlfriend refused due to his level of intoxication, thus starting a fight between the two.”
A motel security guard officer saw Ferguson chasing his girlfriend in the parking lot and attempted to intervene. But Ferguson began attacking the security guard, Rodriguez said.
The security officer and other witnesses were able to gain control of Ferguson and held him on the ground until deputies arrived.

Ferguson was being held at High Desert Detention Center in Adelanto in lieu of $100,000 bail, booking records show.

Barlow High student arrested on school roof armed with guns

GRESHAM, Ore. Dec 7 2016-- Police said a student brought two handguns and ammunition to Sam Barlow High School, and was discovered on the roof of the school during a dance Saturday night.
Police said students arriving for the winter dance noticed a person dressed in dark clothing on the roof and alerted staff.  A school resource officer confronted the person on the roof and determined it was a male student.
Gresham police said the student was cooperative and told the officer he was there to provide security to keep students safe at the dance. Police say while he did not express a plan to hurt anyone, he was arrested and charged with multiple weapon possession charges.
Police released information about the incident  late Monday as a letter to parents was sent by the Sam Barlow principal. Some parents expressed concern to KGW, that the information was released two days after incident.
Police said they believe it was an isolated incident, but ask anyone with knowledge about it to call Gresham police.
Here is the letter sent to Barlow families, by the school principal:
Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Community Members,
As you know, the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. You also know that we continually plan and practice for emergency situations so we are ready in the event of a real emergency.
Due to our preparations, and some observant students, on the evening of December 3 we were alerted that there was a student on the roof of the school as the winter Snowball Dance was beginning.
School Resource Officer Jeff Culp was notified, investigated, and removed the student from the roof. Police say the student was cooperative and said he was there in a security capacity to ensure the safety of the students attending the dance. During the investigation, Officer Culp discovered the student had two unloaded handguns and handgun ammunition. Police tell us while the student did not express a plan to hurt anyone, he was arrested on multiple weapon possession charges.
Because there was no indication that there was anyone else involved, Gresham police determined it was safe to allow the dance to continue.

The police believe this was an isolated case. But they are asking that anyone who has information related to this incident or any other possible incident to call Officer Jeff Culp at 503-258-4864.

Thieves Steal Computers from DeKalb Best Buy; Security Guard Pepper Sprayed

Best Buy Burglary in DeKalb
DeKalb IL Dec 7 2016 DeKalb Police are looking for two men and a woman after a duffel bag full of computers was stolen from the Best Buy store at 2074 Sycamore Rd. in DeKalb.
DeKalb Police say a security guard was attacked with pepper spray.
The incident occurred around 8:30 Friday night.
Police Chief Gene Lowery says police believe this group has hit other areas.
DeKalb Police say that the suspects took Mac book computers from an unlocked storage cage and put them into the duffel bag.
After pepper spraying security personnel, the suspects got into a black Jeep Compass.
Chief Lowery says the robbers left something behind.
The suspects are described as two African-American men and an African-American woman wearing a blond wig.
The Jeep the suspects drove off in had a temporary Illinois license plate with the number 11 in the plate number.
Police believe that the driver of the Jeep Compass had dreadlocks.
Anyone with information should contact DeKalb Police at 815-748-8400.

Stamford security officer helps nab burglar

Robert Butler, 57, of Stamford, was charged with trying to break into an office inside a Washington Boulevard building on Saturday night. Police say he is a suspect in other office break-ins. Photo: Stamford Police / Contributed

STAMFORD CT Dec 7 2016 — A burglar who was chased from a downtown building Saturday night might be responsible for several other office break-ins, police said.
The guard of a Washington Boulevard building stopped the burglary about 9:15 p.m. Saturday and gave a description of the suspect to police.
Officer Dan Kokkoros apprehended the man a short time later at the corner of Washington Boulevard and West Broad Street. The security guard identified the man as the burglar, Capt. Richard Conklin said.
Robert Butler, 57, has been charged with third-degree burglary. He was also charged with possession of burglary tools for the flat-tipped screwdriver and chisel he was carrying, Conklin said.

Conklin said police suspect Butler, who he says has an extensive record for burglaries and break-ins, is also responsible for other break-ins in a Summer Street office building two weeks ago.
Stamford Advocate 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Line of Duty Death Trooper Frankie Williams

Trooper Frankie Williams | New Jersey State Police, New Jersey
Trooper Frankie Williams
New Jersey State Police, New Jersey

End of Watch: Monday, December 5, 2016
Bio & Incident Details
Age: 31
Tour: 11 months
Cause: Automobile accident
Trooper Frankie Williams was killed when his patrol car was struck head-on by a vehicle on Route 55, near milepost 22, in Millville.
He was responding to a call for service when the other vehicle crossed the grass median of the highway and collided with his patrol car. He was flown to Cooper University Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.
The subject in the vehicle that struck his patrol car was also killed.
Trooper Williams had served with the New Jersey State Police for only 11 months.

Please contact the following agency to send condolences or to obtain funeral arrangements:

Colonel Joseph Fuentes
New Jersey State Police
PO Box 7068
West Trenton, NJ 08628
Phone: (609) 882-2000

Bexar County Sheriff's deputy dies after car is swallowed in sinkhole

SAN ANTONIO-TX Dec 6 2016- San Antonio firefighters have removed a vehicle containing the body of a Bexar County Sheriff's deputy after it was swallowed by a sudden sinkhole in a southwest-side road.
BCSO said in a tweet Monday that the deputy killed in the tragic sinkhole incident was Deputy Dora Linda (Solis) Nishihara, who had been with the agency for seven years.
SAFD confirmed Monday that two cars were swallowed by the sinkhole and at least one person was unaccounted for after entering the in the 8400 block of Qunitana Road.
Firefighters began to remove the two vehicles shortly after 10 a.m. Monday. Chief Hood confirmed in a press conference ahead of time that they were seeking to recover a body from one of the cars. "We know for sure that there is a body in one of those vehicles," said Chief Hood.
The sinkhole was first reported around 7:30 p.m. Sunday in the 8400 block of Quintana. Firefighters said a man in his 60s was driving through standing water when his vehicle entered the sinkhole.
Occupants of a car passing by saw the man stranded and stopped to help him. Firefighters said in the process of helping him a woman was injured.
The man who entered the sinkhole and the woman who stopped to help him were both transported to Southwest General to be treated for minor injuries.
By the time first responders were able to make it to the scene, they realized that Nishihara's vehicle was already 90 percent submerged in the waters, and it was not likely that she would have survived.
A 100-ton crane was taken to the scene to remove both vehicles from the sinkhole Monday afternoon. The car containing the Nishihara's body was removed around 1 p.m.
Chief Hood said in a press conference immediately following that there was not much first responders could've done to save Nishihara.
Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau issued the following statement after learning about the death of a BCSO Deputy:

“We are heartbroken to confirm Deputy Dora Linda (Solis) Nishihara passed away after her car fell into a sinkhole Sunday. Our thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family. Deputy Nishihara worked as a Reserve Deputy from August 2009 to October 2016 before transitioning to a part-time Deputy at the Bexar County Courthouse in October of this year. We are assisting her family as they deal with this tragedy.”

Austin police continue to outsource DNA test kits

Image result for Austin police continue to outsource DNA test kits
AUSTIN TX Dec 6 2016— The Austin Police Department is taking advantage of signed DNA testing agreements with two private forensic labs to help ease the backlog of 3,000 sex assault kits while its own crime lab is months away from reopening after its sudden shut-down in June.
The Southwest Institute of Forensic Science in Dallas is handling 100 cases every two weeks. A second group called Signature Science is handling a number as well, Asst. Chief Troy Gay told Austin’s Public Safety Commission Monday.
Since June, the Texas Department of Public Safety crime lab has also assisted APD with testing 20 so-called critical cases every month.
Assistant Chief Troy Gay tells Public Safety commissioners he hopes to have all sex assault kits sent out within six months, which should prompt a turn-around on all outstanding cases within 12 months. Due to backlogs at the DPS crime lab, Austin police are also pulling back 180 less urgent cases it handed off to DPS which is also backed up – and are now sending them to the private labs for analysis and screening.
Back in September, APD said they were able to allocate $500,000 to help pay for the testing of the backlogged kits. The Austin City Council also added $1.4 million to its general fund to re-train people and add seven analysts and one recently-hired supervisor to the currently-shuttered APD DNA lab.
Police executives are moving ahead with plans to reopen the lab this spring, the exact direction dependent of course on the recommendation of an outside consultant. That person could be chosen by a city-county working group by the New Year.
A second consultant is being hired this winter to look back at what went wrong at the APD lab and if staff discipline is warranted. Chief Gay tells KXAN News that report could be up to a year in the making. No cost is associated with either proposed study.
On Dec. 1, the Travis County Criminal Court Judiciary sent a letter to the Austin mayor as well as members of the city council requesting the creation of an independent drug and DNA lab for Travis County. Fifteen judges signed the letter indicating they believe that an independent lab is “essential to the integrity of our criminal justice system.”
County Judge Sarah Eckhardt also expressed concern over problems with the Austin lab.
Well ahead of Monday’s Public Safety Commission meeting, Interim Chief of Police Brian Manley emailed commissioners asking them to hold off for at least a month on a planned vote on whether the lab should become an independent entity. Manley is asking them to wait until the proposed outside consultant is hired to examine all the options for the lab’s future.
The email came Nov 22, a day after Manley met with the new DA as well as county and city officials to discuss the lab’s future.
“We are all committed to a thorough review of best practices…and oversight of the DNA lab when it opens,” Manley wrote in the email.
The chair of the public safety commission tells KXAN News an independent lab won’t curb APD’s ability to prioritize cases, a concern of Manley’s predecessor Art Acevedo.

Rebecca Webber, chair of the Public Safety Commission, says that would be an easy fix if the consultant recommends going forward with an independent lab. “You’ll have some sort of memorandum of understanding. APD will be the lab’s biggest customer so if ever there is a very high profile case, say a police officer is murdered for example, [the memo] can say that that would immediately go to the top of the list.”

Sioux Valley security officers rescue driver from burning car

Image result for rcmp

Sioux Valley Canada Dec 6 2016 Fast-acting security officers from Sioux Valley Dakota Nation helped save a life late last week when they pulled an unresponsive woman from a flaming vehicle.
RCMP received a report at 8:15 a.m. CT Friday of a vehicle that caught fire after driving more than 150 metres off the road in the First Nation, located about 240 kilometres west of Winnipeg.
Moses Elk was on duty when a woman rushed into the security office to report a car had veered off of the road into thick brush. He and another officer drove to the scene and Elk approached the vehicle to see if anyone was inside. He saw a woman slouched over in the driver's seat, unconscious.
"It was all smoke and everything," Elk said. "I pushed the door open and tried to wake her up but she was out."
Elk said he pulled the woman out of the car by himself. They were only a few metres away when the vehicle erupted into flames.
"I didn't know what to do at first but it clicked in my mind, like take her out of there before it explodes ... sure enough a little after that's what happened, but we got her out already."
The woman, who was the lone occupant in the car, wasn't seriously injured.
Elk said "it feels good" to know he was able to make it there in time.

RCMP say alcohol is believed to be a factor in the crash.

Student arrested, weapons found in dorm room at Heidelberg University

TIFFIN, Ohio Dec 6 2016- TIffin police arrested a Heidelberg University student after a situation on campus just before noon on Monday.
According to police, David Conrad, 18, threatened his girlfriend. The female student then called campus security and warned them about potential weapons inside Conrad's dorm room.
Campus police called the Tiffin Police Department. Officer responded to the residence hall and found Conrad outside. They searched the room and found a shotgun, .45 caliber handgun, several knifes, a blowdart gun and two pair of brass knuckles.
Conrad is charged with aggravated menacing and drug charges. Weapons charges are pending after review of the case from the County Prosecutor's office.
Police say Conrad was cooperative and arrested without incident. He is no longer on campus and is not allowed back on campus should he be released at a later date.
A statement from a Heidelberg University spokesperson reads as follows, "On Monday, December 5, 2016, Heidelberg Campus Security and the Tiffin Police Department averted a potential incident in a university residence hall. Shortly before noon, Security was alerted by a student, who was reportedly threatened by another student. No one was injured.
One student was arrested without incident. Upon further investigation, Tiffin Police and Security confirmed that weapons were found in the arrested student's residence hall room.

The arrested student is no longer on campus. We are continuing to cooperate as needed with local law enforcement."

Columbus father arrested, left twin infants in car to shoplift

Kendarius Howard. (Source: Muscogee Co. Jail)

COLUMBUS, GA Dec 6 2016- A Columbus man remains in jail after he was arrested for leaving his 10-month-old twins locked inside of a car so he could shoplift.
According to Muscogee County Jail logs, Kendarius Howard, 22, was arrested and charged with reckless conduct, theft by shoplifting, unlawfully leaving a child under the age of 10 unattended, and forgery.
Howard is accused of leaving his twin infants in his car to shoplift items from Dillard's inside the Peachtree Mall, located at 3131 Manchester Expressway, Monday.
Someone called police when they reportedly saw the children in the car unattended, according to a CPD arrest report. Police said the keys were left in the ignition.
Howard was detained inside of the department store with $331.49 worth of merchandise in his possession. During his arrest, police found two counterfeit $100 bills.

He pled not guilty during his recorder's court appearance Tuesday but was sentenced to 40 days in jail and given a bond of $9,401.25. His case was also bound over to superior court.

Shoplifter threatens Fresno Target security with a gun

Fresno CA Dec 5 2016 Fresno police are asking for the public's help to find a thief who stole headphones from a Shaw Avenue Target store, then threatened to shoot a security guard who confronted him.
The man entered the Target at 3150 W. Shaw Ave. around 6 p.m. Monday, walked to the electronic accessories aisle and began placing headphones into a Verizon bag, police Lt. Joe Gomez said. A loss prevention officer spotted the man on surveillance video and recognized him as a thief who had already hit the store several times.
When the thief walked out of the store without paying, a security agent confronted the man to retrieve the merchandise. That's when the thief lifted his shirt, displayed a handgun tucked in his waistband and threatened to shoot the security guard before walking away toward Shaw Avenue, Gomez said.
The thief is described as a Hispanic man between 18 and 24 years old, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and khaki pants. He stands 5-feet-9 to 5-feet-10 in height and weighs about 180 pounds.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Pat Mares at 559-621-2080, or Crime Stoppers at 559-498-STOP.

Former school security officer convicted of murder, racketeering

Image result for Former school security officer convicted of murder, racketeering

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. Dec 6 2016 A former security officer at Denbigh High School was convicted by a federal jury Monday of several crimes connected to a gang.
39-year-old Michael Hopson was found guilty of charges including racketeering conspiracy, murder, attempted murder, robbery, obstruction of justice, murder in aid of racketeering, conspiracy and attempted murder in aid of racketeering.
Court documents say Hopson, also known as “Hop” and “Big Homie” was the founding member and leader of the P-Stones, a gang also referred to as the P-Stone Bloods and Cobra Stones. Prosecutors say the gang primarily operates in the Denbigh area of Newport News.
According to court records and evidence presented at trial, the P-Stones engage in violent crimes including murders, illegal drug trafficking, obstruction of justice and robberies that often target drug dealers and use stolen money and inventory to purchase guns and fund gang members’ court dues.
According to evidence presented at trial, as the leader, Hopson planned, directed and participated in recruitment of members, including minors. He also apparently collected monthly gang dues, carried out and ordered violations, ordered and presided over meetings and organized gun and marijuana distribution.
Hopson also served as a security officer at Denbigh High School. Prosecutors say he used the position to further the Black P-Stones gang by recruiting minors and selling narcotics to high school students.
According to evidence presented at trial, Hopson personally ordered multiple shootings and murders between October 2007 and June 2009, including:
On Oct. 31, 2007, Hopson ordered P-Stone members to murder A.J., a member of the rival Thugs Relations street gang. At Hopson’s direction, the P-Stones members tried to lure A.J. from the home while armed. A.J. did not come out of the house and the P-Stone members left.
On Nov. 6, 2007, a P-Stone member, acting on Hopson’s orders lured E.S., a 17-year-old P-Stone member, to a location in Newport News to kill him. Hopson had previously given him the “green light” for the killing of E.S. for his relations with Thug Relations. Once E.S. arrived he was shot and killed, and Hopson rewarded the P-Stone member with a promotion.
On Dec. 10, 2008 Hopson authorized the murder of J.W., a Crip who was disrespectful to members of the P-Stones. Acting on those orders, two P-Stone members went to the home of J.W. and fired multiple rounds into the home. J.W.’s father, who was sitting in the living room when the assault occurred, was hit with debris from the bullet shrapnel and suffered an injury to his eye.
On March 9, 2009, Hopson ordered the murder of two members of 10-1 Mafia Crips, rivals of the P-Stones, for the beating of a P-Stone member. Acting on Hopson’s orders, two P-Stone members shot multiple times into the home of the two 10-1 Mafia Crips.
On April 17, 2009, Hopson ordered two P-Stones to fire multiple rounds into a home he knew to be occupied because the people inside the home were disrespectful to him.
On June 12, 2009, Hopson ordered the murder of A.J., a Thug Relations member who was responsible for the murder of a P-Stone member. A P-Stone member acting on Hopson’s orders shot and wounded A.J.
Hopson faces a mandatory penalty of life in prison. He’s set to be sentenced on March 3, 2017.


Security Officer Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect

EAGAN, Minn. Dec 6 2016 Police say a security officer shot and killed a masked man after a reported attempted robbery early Monday morning.
Officers in Eagan were dispatched to the 900 block of Aldrin Drive just after midnight when a security officer called 911 to report  he had shot an armed person who was trying to rob him.
On arrival officers found a man dead from a gunshot wound in the parking lot of the Aldrin Building.
An Eagan Police spokesman says the armed suspect was wearing a mask, which supports the security officer's story that he was working at what is described as a moving company of sorts when he was attacked by a man with a gun.
The security officer told police that he fought back, and during the altercation shot and killed his attacker.
The security officer suffered minor injuries. He was not taken to the hospital.
Investigators on the scene say that the building is currently being used as a collection spot for Operation Christmas Child, part of the Samaritan Purse Ministries and that the assailant may have been trying to steal donated items and money.
Eagan Police have not officially confirmed this as a potential motive for the attack. 
Authorities are not seeking additional suspects in the incident, and insist there is no continuing danger to the public. 
Minnesota armed security officers are required to be licensed and go through a background check and mandatory training.

Private security officers have used deadly force 146 times during the past 19 days.

Rumor reportedly leads to 1,800 jail lawsuits in Camden County

camden county jail.jpg

CAMDEN NJ Dec 6 2016 -- Over 1,800 lawsuits have been filed in federal court due to a rumor that anyone who spent a night in an overcrowded cell at the Camden County Correctional Facility is entitled to thousands of dollars, according to a report.
Court staff  have been overwhelmed by the influx of lawsuits from former inmates since August, sometimes seeing as many as 50 new suits per day, according to
Former inmates are well within their rights to file suits, but the court staff told the news site that the tide of lawsuits are due to people spreading the word that there is a pot of money available to those who spent time in allegedly overcrowded cells.
Judge Jerome B. Simandle told that most of the suits will be dismissed because the statute for limitations for such cases is two years.
People have been passing out paperwork encouraging suits in front of Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden, even though the rumor is false, the report said. Court staff told the news site that people have shown up at court asking for checks, the report said.'s review of hundreds of lawsuits show that the rumor has spread beyond Camden. The suits have been filed from residents of other municipalities in Camden County, ranging from inmates who served terms of several years to those who just spent a few days in jail after being arrested. 

New York City correction officer shot to death

Image result for Off-Duty-Corrections-Officer-Shot-to-Death-in-Car

Brooklyn NY Dec 6 2016 An off-duty New York City correction officer was shot to death in her car Sunday night in Brooklyn, police said.
Alastasia Bryan, 25, was behind the wheel of her car at Avenue L and 73rd Street in the Flatlands around 9:15 p.m. when someone came up and fired into the vehicle.
Bryan suffered gunshot wounds to her head and torso. She died at the scene, police said.
Cops say that they are now searching for a contract killer suspected of fatally shooting a rookie correction officer in Brooklyn, police sources said Monday.
Bryan, 25, was shot in the chest, stomach, right forearm and right hand as she sat in her parked 2016 Infiniti making a phone call on E. 73rd St. near Avenue L in Bergen Beach Sunday at 9:15 p.m., sources said.
Cops recovered security video that appears to show the gunman reverse his car into a parking spot and then lay in wait for about an hour until ambushing Bryan when she got into her car, the sources said.

The shooter fled the scene in his car after pumping five rounds into Bryan’s driver-side window. She died at the scene.

On Sunday night, investigators were seen examining the gray sedan, which had several bullet holes in its driver’s side window. A crowd gathered at the scene and several people were seen hugging and crying as police stood nearby.
The Correction Officers Benevolent Association, a union, confirmed that Bryan was a city correction officer in a Facebook post early Monday morning.
"Tonight our correction family and the entire City of New York is shocked and grieving the horrific murder of one of the youngest members of New York City's Boldest, who was shot and killed by an unknown assailant while sitting in her car in Brooklyn," COBA President Elias Husamudeen wrote in the post.
It's unclear where Bryan worked. COBA represents members working in more than 26 different jail facilities throughout the city, including Rikers Island.
"Our hearts go out to the fam of off duty CO who was shot and killed tonight. We will not rest until assailant is brought to justice." EH
A police investigation is ongoing, but police haven't named any suspects.

Just last Sunday, two men forced their way into a home in Jamaica, Queens, and shot a state corrections officer and his wife, according to police. The corrections officer was taken to a hospital in critical condition. His wife was taken in serious condition.

Armed police and helicopter patrols protect security guards in 'cash-in-transit' during Christmas

Armed police and helicopter patrols protect security guards as Christmas 'cash-in-transit' crackdown gets underway

Merseyside UK Dec 6 2016 The police helicopter and armed officers will escort security vans as they deliver cash to businesses around Merseyside in the run-up to Christmas.
Merseyside Police have joined forces with officers across the North West and the security industry to launch a joint operation targeting cash-in-transit robberies.
This year's regional campaign launched today and will see officers using high-visibility and covert patrols on the ground and in the air to escort security vehicles as they carry out their deliveries.
Other tactics will include armed police vehicles escorting high-risk security vans, CCTV monitoring, and patrol cars following cash-handling vehicles.
All cash containers will include either Smartwater or a dye which will be released when they are opened marking the notes so they are  unusable and traceable.
There were 52 cash-in-transit raids across Merseyside from 2013 to 2015, although the numbers of incidents have decreased.
Fourteen robbers have being convicted and sentenced to more than 80 years in prison.
Detective Inspector Jon Smith from Titan’s regional intelligence unit, said: "The region has seen a significant fall in cash-in-transit robberies in recent years but we are not complacent and we are determined to make sure criminals do not see these types of offences as easy ways to make money, because they most definitely are not.
"Our message to those planning on carrying out cash-in-transit robberies in the run-up to Christmas is clear - we will find you and we will make sure you spend this Christmas and many more to come behind bars away from your family and loved ones.
"Robberies that target cash-in-transit vehicles, banks, post offices and commercial businesses are often violent offences that can result in life-changing mental and physical scars on those who find themselves confronted by these criminals.
“This is by no means a victimless crime. These robberies can cause deep distress to those at the brunt of the attacks, who are just trying to earn an honest living."
Detective Chief Inspector Steve Richardson from Merseyside Police's Matrix unit added: "While cash-in-transit attacks are falling in Merseyside we are determined to ensure we continue to see year on year reductions.
"We want the message to be heard loud and clear that anyone thinking about getting involved in these crimes will be found and they will feel the full force of the law."

Police are asking the public to be vigilant and help stop the violence by reporting any suspicious activity in the run up to the festive season to their local force by calling 101, or to Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. In an emergency always call 999.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Armed NC man storms DC pizza restaurant to "investigate" political conspiracy

Washington DC Dec 5 2016 A North Carolina man was arrested Sunday after he walked into a popular pizza restaurant in Northwest Washington carrying an assault rifle and fired one or more shots, D.C. police said. The man told police he had come to the restaurant to “self-investigate” a false election-related conspiracy theory involving Hillary Clinton that spread online during her presidential campaign.
The incident caused panic, with several businesses going into lockdown as police swarmed the neighborhood after receiving the call shortly before 3 p.m.
Police said 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch, of Salisbury, N.C., walked in the front door of Comet Ping Pong and pointed a firearm in the direction of a restaurant employee. The employee was able to flee and notify police. Police said Welch proceeded to discharge the rifle inside the restaurant; they think that all other occupants had fled when Welch began shooting.
Welch has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. Police said there were no reported injuries.
Interim D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said police arrived on the scene minutes after the first call, set up a perimeter and safely arrested Welch about 45 minutes after he entered the restaurant.
Police recovered two firearms inside the restaurant; an additional weapon was recovered in Welch’s car.
Vivek Jain, of Potomac, Md., was eating lunch inside Banana Leaf, a nearby Indian restaurant, when Comet patrons came rushing inside. He said Banana Leaf was locked down for about 90 minutes.
“A bunch of people ran in from Comet and said a man walked in with a gun,” Jain said.
About 45 minutes later, he said, he saw a man walking backward out into the street with his hands in the air.
“He laid down on Connecticut Avenue and he was immediately picked up by the police and taken away,” he said.
The popular family restaurant, near Connecticut and Nebraska avenues NW in the Chevy Chase neighborhood, was swept up in the onslaught of fake news and conspiracy theories that were prevalent during the presidential campaign. The restaurant, its owner, staff and nearby businesses have been attacked on social media and received death threats.
Although police initially said it did not appear the incident was related to the threats, businesses and residents immediately surmised it might be connected to “pizzagate.”
James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong, said in a statement: “What happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories comes with consequences. I hope that those involved in fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today, and stop promoting these falsehoods right away.”
The restaurant’s owner and employees were threatened on social media in the days before the election after fake news stories circulated claiming that then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief were running a child sex ring from the restaurant’s backrooms. Even Michael Flynn, a retired general whom President-elect Donald Trump has tapped to advise him on national security, shared stories about another anti-Clinton conspiracy theory involving pedophilia. None of them were true. But the fake stories and threats persisted, some even aimed at children of Comet Ping Pong employees and patrons. The restaurant’s owner was forced to contact the FBI, local police, Facebook and other social-media platforms in an effort to remove the articles.
Last month, citing its policy against posting the personal information of others, Reddit banned the “pizzagate” topic.
But it didn’t stop the harassment, and nearby businesses have received threats as well, according to police. On Sunday, Washington Post reporters involved in this article were the target of online threats shortly after it posted.
Matt Carr, the owner of the Little Red Fox market and coffee shop, said his business started getting threats last weekend. They got 30 to 40 calls before they stopped answering calls from blocked numbers, he said. “One person said he wanted to line us up in front of a firing squad,” said Carr, who spent more than an hour in lockdown with his employees Sunday.
The threats were all tied to the Comet Ping Pong accusations online, he said. “There’s some old painted-over symbol on the marquee that they claim is an international symbol of pedophilia and that there are underground tunnels. . . . There’s some video on YouTube that has almost 100,000 views and talks about me, the owner of the Little Red Fox, by name.
“This was our worst fear,” he said, “that someone would read all this and come to the block with a gun. And today it happened.”
Politics and Prose, the bookstore that has been a Washington institution and neighborhood fixture for more than 30 years, was in the middle of a book event when attendees and staff saw police converging on the block, said Bradley Graham, a store co-owner.
They, too, had received threats recently, Graham said, and were planning to meet with police Monday “because we had feared that what, up to now, had been simply despicable menacing verbal attacks online or on the phone might escalate.”
Graham said he was told that the gunman walked into the kitchen at Comet Ping Pong on Sunday, “presumably looking for the alleged tunnels” where children were hidden and tortured. Graham believes that account of the gunman’s actions came from an employee at the restaurant.
He said the businesses are hoping to get more police protection, “and we would also hope that law enforcement authorities will be prompted to take additional measures to shut down the sites where this hateful material is being spread, and also measures to try to trace the menacing phone calls.
“ . . . We’re all rather shaken,” he said.
“Political figures have the means to deal with conspiratorial allegations and threats, but your neighborhood mom and pop shop does not,” Carr said later in an email. “I make coffee and breakfast burritos for a living. This is out of our league.”
D.C. Council member Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3) was getting gas down the street from Comet Ping Pong and saw what she described as intense police activity around the restaurant. Cheh said she spoke with Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D), who had been briefed by police. At the time she spoke to reporters, Cheh didn’t know the gunman’s actions were connected to the false rumors surrounding Comet Ping Pong, but she was concerned.
“It’s very, very worrisome,” Cheh said. “I’m just very worried that [the rumors] may have unleashed people who are unstable to pursue violent action, as has happened before.”
She praised the speed of the police response, which she said may have prevented an attack. “It all looked so efficient and professional. I was very pleased it was locked down so quickly.”
Gareth Wade, 47, and Doug Clarke, 50, were sitting down for pizza and beer at Comet when they spotted a commotion. All of a sudden, said Wade, “the server said someone just walked in with a shotgun.
“A man had just walked into the building, passed us into the back of the building, he seemed to have a shotgun or a rifle-type of [gun] and said we ought to vacate the building,” Wade recalled the server saying.
They rushed out of the restaurant and had planned to head to Politics and Prose, where Clarke’s wife and 5-year-old took shelter, but they got separated. Clarke and Wade were met by a heavy police presence when they attempted to join up.
“Police said you can’t go to the bookstore,” Wade said. They ended up behind the police barricade at Connecticut Avenue and Fessenden Street. Clarke’s wife and son were forced to remain inside the bookstore. Meanwhile, Clarke was trying to reunite his son with a present he had received for his fifth birthday, a stuffed lion that they were forced to leave inside the restaurant.

“He’s kind of shaken up about the whole thing,” Clarke said. “We’ve been talking a lot about it and trying to help him understand. That he was a man with a weapon, weapons are bad — he was not a nice person.”
Washington Post

Canton police honor auxiliary officer who served 48 years

Image result for Frank Meeker joined the Canton Police Department Auxiliary

CANTON OH Dec 5 2016 Frank Meeker joined the Canton Police Department Auxiliary in 1968.
Even today, at age 70 and the group's longest serving member at 48 years, the Nimishillen Township man is so dedicated to being an auxiliary police officer, he has no plans to step down anytime soon.
"I'll be here until I'm crawling on the ground," he said.
"We want him to stay with us as long as he can," said the auxiliary's commander, Mel Bieyl.
On Saturday at its annual holiday party at the city's Garden Center in Stadium Park, the Canton Police Department Auxiliary recognized him for his 48 years of service, surprising him as he walked in the door. Mayor Thomas Bernabei and City Safety Director Andrea Perry appeared briefly to thank him. Many of the auxiliary's 25 members and spouses were in attendance.
Bieyl recalled that he said, " 'At this time, we wanted to recognize Frank Meeker for his years of service.' He was shocked."
As he ate fried chicken, Meeker quipped that his immediate thought when entering was "where's the chow?"
Auxiliary Capt. Joe Burnosky, who joined in 1975, said, "He was always fun. He always liked to talk. ... He's got a lot of good dedication to the city. He enjoyed the work like I did. He's been an asset to the city."
Meeker, a former part-time East Canton police officer, former Ohio National Guardsman and former Nimishillen Township firefighter, said he joined the auxiliary because of its "good quality people." Over his career, he has worked as a freight driver and Canton Street Department worker. He said he's the chaplain for the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 73 in Alliance.
Bieyl recalled that when he joined the auxiliary in 1982, Meeker trained him.
Meeker has served the auxiliary as captain, but recently he's eased into a role as the group's chaplain. He still helps direct traffic like for Light Up Downtown last week.
Bieyl said the auxiliary, which was founded around 1963, is made up of volunteers, who are unpaid except for the occasional security job. They get to wear police uniforms. They get to drive the cruisers. They're assigned radios. They often provide a security presence and direct traffic at public events such as races, games, parades, Light Up Downtown, Pro Football Hall of Fame events.
However, they are not sworn police officers. They have no arrest powers. They're not armed. They don't have to complete police academy training. They don't respond to 911 calls.
But auxiliary officers have to pass a background check. They learn how to use mace and a police baton. They go through a basic training course. The police department regularly asks auxiliary officers to volunteer for different jobs.
They can give out parking tickets. And they're often the regular police's eyes on the ground. They'll often check homes where the occupants are on vacation to ensure they haven't been broken into. They'll speak at schools. Occasionally, an auxiliary officer will become a sworn police officer.

Bieyl said the auxiliary is looking for new members, age 21 or older, and encouraged people to check out the group's Facebook page.