Monday, March 20, 2017

Wichita police K-9 dies during shooting incident

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WICHITA, Kan. March 20 2017
Wichita police say two officers fired at a suspect Saturday night, after he first threatened to shoot a woman and himself. They add it's not certain how a police K-9 died during the confrontation.
A statement by Sgt. Nikki Woodrow released Sunday afternoon said the unidentified victim, 25, "walked toward officers and ignored police orders" at the Lamp Lighter Mobile Home Park. Then he turned around, and the K-9 Rooster was released to stop him from entering a home.
"Officers saw the suspect draw a gun from his waistband as he turned back toward them and one officer fired his weapon at the suspect," Woodrow said. "A second officer saw a muzzle flash from the suspect’s gun in the direction of the officers, at which time the second officer fired his weapon as well." The officers' names have not been released.
The suspect was pronounced dead at a hospital. Rooster was killed as well, but Woodrow seemed to walk back from earlier statements about the police dog. "We believe the K-9 was shot by the suspect," she said. A final determination will depend on a necropsy and review of evidence.

The next scheduled media briefing on the case is planned Monday morning. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation and Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office are reviewing what happened.

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