Monday, November 13, 2017

Security staff at Cardiff Airport unhappy with wages will get raises

Cardiff Airport

Wales UK Nov 13 2017 Security staff at Cardiff Airport who were unhappy with their pay have reached a deal for a raise, the trade union GMB has said.
By 2020, the airport will pay security staff the so-called "real living wage" - £8.75 per hour in Wales.
The union said it understood the wage would be implemented in "an appropriate and affordable manner" after the agreement was reached in September.
Cardiff Airport said all employees were paid above the national living wage.
Security staff call for 'real living wage'
Airport 'paying some staff poverty wage'
The real living wage is a voluntary rate, which is higher than the statutory national living wage of £7.50 for those over 25, and is aimed at meeting the real cost of living.
The GMB said all airport security staff would also receive a pay rise of 4% over two years.
A spokesman for Cardiff Airport said: "Cardiff International Airport Limited employees are all paid at rates that are above the national living wage and we are committed to working towards honouring the real living wage.
"Cardiff Airport is on a continuing journey of growth and improvement to deliver a sustainable national airport for Wales."
The airport is Welsh Government-owned but run at arms-length.

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