Monday, November 13, 2017

Teens fire airsoft gun at Walmart security guard

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Omaha NE Nov 13 2017 A Walmart security officer on a break and sitting in his marked security car evidently thought that a question posed to him by two teenagers was strange — and he told them so.
The boys, in a gold Honda sedan, had pulled up next to the security guard’s car on Wednesday evening at the Walmart near North 99th Street and Military Road, police said.
They asked the security officer whether he carried any weapons.
“That question seems suspect,” the security guard responded.
Immediately, the boys fired an airsoft gun at the security officer, who initially thought it was a real firearm.
The boys sped away in the car and were not located by the security officer or Omaha police officers, but the incident may have been captured on video.

Police are still investigating and the teens could face serious charges.

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